BLOW UP Regional Configuration Whit psource river

cppdefs.h (41.2 KB)
crocotools_param.m (16.8 KB)
out_rio_tssed_23_01_24_15m_ndfast120.txt (21.7 KB)
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I hope you can help me.

I am simulating a regional case with river input (Salinity, Temperature and sediments). The simulation is blow up in the first 1500 steps. According to the message I get, I understand that it blowup near the limits of the grid.

I have specified a flow rate of 320 m3/s, I have specified a resolution of 1/162, maximum depth of 2500m, minimum depth of 5m. NDTFAST = 60; dt= 120.

I leave you the files, cppdefs.h, param.h, out.txt and an image of the topography. If you need anything else, let me know.

Processing: cppdefs.h…Processing: crocotools_param.m…Processing: out_rio_tssed_23_01_24_15m_ndfast120.txt…
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Espero me puedan ayudar.

Estoy simulando un caso regional con entrada de rios (Salinidad, Temperatura y sedimentos). La simulacion explota en los primeros 1500 pasos. segun el mensaje que obtengo entiendo que rompe cerca de los límites de la grid.

Estoy especificnado un gasto de 320 m3/s , he especificado una resolucion de 1/162, profundidad máxima de 2500m , profundida mínima de 5m

Les dejos los archivos, cppdefs.h, param.h, out.txt y una imagen de la topografía. Si nececitan algo mas me avisan.

Hi Carlos,

There can be various reasons why the model blows up. In my experience, the most common reason is due to the presence of NaNs in the input files. Have you double checked your ini, clm, bry, etc. files for any NaNs?

If you don’t have any issues with NaNs, I guess you could check your grid if it is smooth enough, or decrease the time-step and set it properly according to the CFL condition. Anyway, these are my thoughts on this issue. Good luck!


Your CFL condition is huge!


You need to decrease your time step a lot. First try the domain without PSOURCE. Once it runs ok try to activate PSOURCE