Coastal case VILAINE (example)

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I’m trying to run the VILAINE case with the MUSTANG module in CROCO version 1.3.1. I downloaded the configuration files from here:
I want to verify if the installation of CROCO version 1.3.1 went well and especially if the MUSTANG module works, so I can implement it in my study case. But first, I want to check if the example VILAINE case runs. The model compiles without errors, but when I try to run it, it stops quickly without executing any time steps. Here’s the croco.log output file:
croco_log.txt (17.0 KB)

Additionally, I’ve attached the input file for reference.
croco_in.txt (4.3 KB)

I would greatly appreciate your help.
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Croco do not find the file MUSTANG_NAMELIST/paraMUSTANG_default.txt which contains the default namelist values.

Can you check this file is at the right path from where you execute CROCO ?



Thank you for your message.

I’ve checked, and indeed, the file paraMUSTANG_default.txt is located at the correct path from where I execute CROCO. I’ve attached an image showing the contents of the folders for your reference.

What other options can I explore to resolve the issue of CROCO not running?

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Strange, I just ran this case with 1.3.1 code without problem of execution (I just update files path in as in the join file (4.1 KB)
to be coherent with the archive dowloaded, paths will be updated in next release).

Is there an error message ? your log file stop without any error message, was there something prompted in your terminal ?

Did you try another MUSTANG testcase ? for example ESTUARY or TIDAL_FLAT and do you have the same behavior ?




Thank you for your help; it is very valuable to me as I need to implement this in my master’s thesis and I have little time. Yes, it is very strange; I don’t get any error message other than what is in the croco.log file that I attached earlier.

Regarding the test cases, the truth is that I struggle to understand, from the manuals, which input files and others I should have. Are they from the Benguela case? Or how can I create them?

To move forward, I want to clarify that I don’t know which are the input files for the test cases. I tried activating the Estuary case in the cppdefs.h file and modifying the with the file found in the croco-v1.3.1\TEST_CASES folder, and I get the error message: ‘READ_INP ERROR: Cannot find input file ‘’.’



For the VILAINE case, the files to be used are those in the archive, they have to be moved in CROCO_FILES directory. This case has nothing to do with the Benguela case: the Vilaine is a French river on the French Atlantic coast and this configuration is a coastal configuration.
To compile the Vilaine case, you need to activate the COASTAL key (in cppdefs.h : #define COASTAL and #undef REGIONAL ) and to run the case you need to use the that I put in my previous post

For the other test cases, as you said, you need to activate the ESTUARY key in cppdefs.h (#define ESTUARY and #undef REGIONAL ) and you need to use
the file in the TEST_CASES directory.
Then run ./croco
Can you describe the command line you use and post your complete log file? If your only message is the one you posted, it seems that croco can’t find the file.


Thank you, I re-downloaded the files, changed the paths again, and now the model run progresses a bit further. I don’t understand what the previous error was, maybe it had to do with the configuration of the input files.

Now, I get the following error:

ERROR in def_his/avg: Cannot create netCDF file: ./VILAINE/output/

WRT_HIS ERROR: Cannot synchronize/close history netCDF file.

MAIN - number of records written into history file(s): 0
number of records written into restart file(s): 0

ERROR: Abnormal termination: netCDF OUTPUT

I understand that this error is related to how the history file is saved, but I don’t know how to solve it.
The file is identical to the file you attached earlier in this thread.



Can you post your complete log file ?

It seems croco want to write in file ./VILAINE/output/ and probably the path does not exists. In the file the outputfile is… are you sure you are using the right file ?



Here is the complete croco.log file:

croco_log_vilaine.txt (24.3 KB)

I am using the file; I simply changed the file name. I assume there is no problem naming the output files as I want, as long as the name is properly defined in the file. I am also attaching the file that I am using:

croco_in_vilaine.txt (4.5 KB)

Yes, I understand the error, but I don’t know how to fix it.

I have already used the CROCO model in version 1.1, so I have experience using it. My problem is the implementation of the MUSTANG module in CROCO version 1.3.1, which is why I am trying to run this VILAINE example to later implement this module in my own domain and case study.


Yes, you can choose the path of the output file and all forcing files as you wish.

The error you’re getting doesn’t seem to be related to MUSTANG, the parameters are loaded correctly.

Croco can’t create the output file, perhaps there’s a problem with the specified path?
Have you checked your output path: does the “output” directory exist in your “VILAINE” directory?



When running the MUSTAG test case the same error occurred, which is related to the netcdf library, as a solution is not defined # NC4PAR in the MPI options of the coastal case.

ifdef MPI



undef MPI_TIME