Why the child model mask is extended in "on-line" nesting when I change Hmin?

Hello dear members,

I am working with “on-line” nesting and I find some strange things when I choose new bathymetry to the child; this with the aim to change the Hmin of the most coastal subdomains. It looks like the mask of the child extends to the regions covering the new configured Hmin.
Notice that when I do not change the bathymetry of the child, this does not happen, however, this way I cannot change the Hmin of the child.

Below is the bathymetry of the child, then a velocity result, where, mainly you can observe what I mentioned enclosed in dark gray circle.

image description

image description

Thank for your kind attention, I remain attentive to your guidance to improve my model.


In addition to the message above.

Making a zoom on the result of the interpolation of the bathymetry of the child model, it is possible to observe a contour that follows the anomala shape of the mask seen in the velocity result above. I guess this is the cause. How can I remove it or avoid it to affect my simulations in the subdomains?

image description

Edit the mask in the child domain. What depths do you have in that area?

What depths do you have for that area in the parent domain?

Did you changed hmin for the child domain?