Vbar_northward and ubar_northward 2D in croco

Hi! i’m new to the croco model and so far I’ve had great success! I have a question regarding one of my model’s output, though.

I want to make a velocity vector plot in qgis with the u and v components , and for this I need the data in the format:

X(longitude) Y(latitude) u v

But as u(xi_u,eta_rho) and v(xi_rho,eta_v) don’t share the same dimensions, I would need them both to be in latitude longitude at RHO-points. I saw that this option exists in roms
(NCO script to average (u,v) to rho points and rotate to E/W? - Ocean Modeling Discussion)
(#703 (Added standard_name to eastward/northward velocity components) – src)

ubar_eastward      2D U-eastward  at RHO-points

vbar_northward     2D V-northward at RHO-points

but I can’t find the way to have those variables stored in the output netcdf in croco. ¿Could you point me out how to obtain those variables in the output? I checked in croco.in, but I can only set the flags for u,v, ubar and vbar.

Many thanks!


There are no such variables as output from the model calculations, as far as I know.

CROCO_TOOLS has functions such as u2_rho_2d.m and v2rho_2d.m to transfer the values at u or v points to the rho points.