Using NC4PAR with diagnostics


When using NC4PAR with diagnostics enabled I get a netcdf error in wrt_grid.F, for example:

WRT_GRID - error while writing variable ‘spherical’ into netCDF file ‘’.

Everything works fine if NC4PAR is undefined.

It appears to me that all the def_diags*.F files are quite different from the def_his.F, as def_his.F has frequent flags throughout to check if NC4PAR is defined, and if so to define the netcdf file as parallel.

My question then is, am I correct that NC4PAR is not currently functional with diagnostics?

If so, would the solution to this be adding similar logic (as in def_his.F) to the def_diags*.F files?

The speed increase with the parallel writing is quite nice, and it would be great to have it with the diagnostics files as well.

Thanks very much for your help!


Hi Jacob
Yes it’s a defect, it still has to be added for the diagnostics. But you’re right on the fix, you have to follow the exact similar logic in def_diag as in def_his : define the file as parallel, and define the variables as variables to be written in parallel

Thanks very much Rachid.

I appreciate the quick response. I am dealing with a new computing environment, and wanted to be sure that it wasn’t something about my setup, and was indeed just the current state of the code.

Best regards,