The question about running Basin test_cases

When I run the code “./croco > croco.out” according to the user’s guide, I only got the “”. There is no “”. What accounts for this? What changes do I need to make to get the “”?

Check the file. There you define after which number of step do you create a RST file

hello, I want to ask you another question about matlab. Due to the calculation speed, I used local Matlab to make model input data, but I encountered the following problems.
When I run “start”, there will be an error in on line 72 of the start.m file.

The array index must be a positive integer or a logical value.

error start (Line 27) 72 if (strcmp(mysystem(end-1:end),‘86’))

How can I solve the problem?Can I ignore start and just run make_grid?