The dimensions of u and v are different

Hello everyone,

I found that the dimensions of u and v in the output are different, and their dimensions are 690 × 656 and 691 × 655, respectively.

So I want to directly inquire about how to set it up so that their output dimensions become the same, or what’s a good interpolation method as well.

I would sincerely appreciate any help and advice.

Sihang Xie

Hi Sihang Xie,

This is ok, it is due to CROCO calculating on a Arakawa-C grid.

You can use croco_tools routines such as


functions to interpolate the velocities to the center of the rho grid.

See how are they used in the function get_speed.m, for example



Hi Andrés,

Thank you for your message, I have found them from the toolbox.

Best regards,
Sihang Xie