The difference between Roms initialization and boundary files and CROCO

Is there any difference between the file properties and variables?

An initial file (INI) contains values in the whole domain for the main variables: T, S, UBAR, VBAR, Zeta, U, V. Usually it has just one time step, but if it has several just one time step is read.

A CLM boundary file is similar to a INI file but for many time step.

A BRY boundary file has values (vertical sections) only along the open edges of the domain.

I think the question here is whether there is a difference between Rutgers-ROMS and CROCO files for initial conditions and boundary conditions

Yes, that’s the idea I wanted to express.

I think the basic ROMS files (,,, may still be compatible with CROCO but I’m not sure because I haven’t had a chance to test them for a long time. Since there is no other answer to this post, I guess nobody in the CROCO community has tried it recently.