Temporal interpolation of open boundary forcing

Hello Croco Users and Developers,

I have a general question about using open boundary forcing to drive dynamics within a regional simulation. For example, when the following CPP options are defined:
the model reads the open boundary forcing information for sea-surface elevation, barotropic velocities, baroclinic velocities, and tracers from an external NetCDF file. Based on the model output, it seems that the boundary conditions for the model variables (e.g., velocities, temperature, etc.) are not interpolated in time at each time step but assigned to values at the nearest time stamp in the external forcing file. Is this correct? If so, I am wondering if there is an option that allows temporal interpolation of boundary conditions at each time step? I believe that such interpolation would yield smoother temporal variations in the simulation results.

I am using CROCO ver1.3.1.

Many thanks!

Hi Guangyu,

For what I understand, boundary conditions are linearly interpolated between the two closest forcing times , one before, one after the timestep being calculated.


Thanks for your clarification, Andres.