Set_cycle error:


I’m trying to compile the model with data from MERCATOR and GFS, but I always get this error.

Does anybody know what is it due to? Thanks for your help.


Hi, It means that the duration of your simulation exceed the length of your forcing file. So the model read the last record of the forcing file and doesn’t know what to take next for the input data

hi, i also have the same problem. could you please give me any suggestion for solving the problem? thanks a lot!

Hi I have the same error, even I try to simulate 3 months of 2010 I usually get the following error -

SET_CYCLE ERROR: non-cycling regime, but model time exceeds
time of the last available data record for variable: shf_time
TDAYS = 3653. TLAST = 0.5312

Hi ALL, the problem is resolved after defining the BULK_FLUX in cppdefs.h.

define BULK_FLUX

Thanks, Bechir


I have the same problem, but it was unfortunately not solved with define BULK_FLUX. I am running interannual simulation and I get the errors with later months. Either I get errors with blk_time, which I solve with adding longer time series of BLK with the itolap_era5 variable, or I get error in bry_time which I am solving with adding extra days in BRY files. However, it seems that I need to keep on adding the days, as the model is not properly calculating the times.

Do you have any other possible solutions that I could try?

Thank you!

Hi, as I posted before, I think the problem is in


specifically line 70 where is says

time2=datenum(Y,M+1,01) - 1;

this has the effect of removing the last day of the month, thus it fails.

itiopal_a and itolap_b variables are not being taking in consideratio when downloading the data.

A quick fix would be to modify your code to

time2=datenum(Y,M+1,01) ;

If not it fails to download the data of the last day of that month

Hi Andres,
Thank you for your reply! I forgot to mention that I did this step, so my time2=datenum(Y,M+1,01). I also tried time2=datenum(Y,M+1,01)+1. Therefore, my downloaded data from CMEMS should be complete. The only way I get the model to run now is to increase itiopal_a and itolap_b for CMEMS and itiopal_era5 for ERA5 data. However, for some months I need to increase it to way over the 31 days of the month in order for the model to run. Could the problem be somewhere else too?