Set_cycle error:


I’m trying to compile the model with data from MERCATOR and GFS, but I always get this error.

Does anybody know what is it due to? Thanks for your help.


Hi, It means that the duration of your simulation exceed the length of your forcing file. So the model read the last record of the forcing file and doesn’t know what to take next for the input data

hi, i also have the same problem. could you please give me any suggestion for solving the problem? thanks a lot!

Hi I have the same error, even I try to simulate 3 months of 2010 I usually get the following error -

SET_CYCLE ERROR: non-cycling regime, but model time exceeds
time of the last available data record for variable: shf_time
TDAYS = 3653. TLAST = 0.5312

Hi ALL, the problem is resolved after defining the BULK_FLUX in cppdefs.h.

define BULK_FLUX

Thanks, Bechir