Segmentation fault during a continuous ROMS-PISCES run with USE_CALENDAR defined

Hi everyone,

I have been encountering a strange error while using CROCO (ver. 1.3.1) with ROMS and PISCES coupling activated. I had been running a simulation for my study site with a start date of May 1, 2020, and had been letting it run continuously using restart files. However, once the simulation date reached around the end of July 2022 (2022-07-30 20:57:30 to be exact), NaNs started appearing in the output log for the DIC and ALK values, and then a few time steps later, the simulation ended with a segmentation fault.

I had considered this might be due to an error in the forcing files. However, when I tried running the same configuration and input files using the older CROCO ver. 1.1, the simulation continues without any problems. And so I am thinking it might have to do with a modification made with CROCO ver. 1.3.1.

I will continue to investigate, but if anyone has an idea as to why the segmentation fault occurred, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.


Lawrence ( lcbernardo)

Please check master branch and its working or not.
git clone -b master croco-ocean / croco · GitLab

Have a good day.

Hi Subhadeep,

Thank you for your response. I tried using the master branch and when I do, the segmentation fault occurs right at the start of the simulation. I will continue to look into the issue and see if I can find any possible sources of error in the input files. It’s just strange that the error does not occur when I use the older CROCO ver. 1.1.