Seeking Example Case with CROCO's MUSTANG Module for Sediment Dynamics Study

Hello everyone,

I’m returning to my thesis work after a 3-year hiatus. In summary, my project involves modeling the mouth of a river using CROCO, including sediment dynamics. When I left off in 2021, the suspended sediments didn’t persist over time. I’ve noticed that in the intervening years, the MUSTANG module has been implemented, and I’m eager to test it in my case study to see if suspended sediments behave differently. I’m reaching out to ask if anyone has an example case using this module that I could base my study on, specifically needing the configuration files.

Thank you very much.


There is a list of sediment test cases you can begin with (SED_TOY_ROUSE, DUNE, TIDAL_FLAT, ESTUARY), see in cppdefs.h and corresponding* file in TEST_CASES directory.
In particular ESTUARY seems to be close to your situation.

You have also a coastal case VILAINE (key COASTAL in cppdefs.h and corresponding file in TEST_CASES directory) forcing files are available here :