Salt flux correction

Hi again!

I am modelling close to Rio de la Plata so I am forcing the model with daily river discharges.
I had defined SFLX_CORR, and that way the fresh water plume was almost non existent and I had no vertical salinity stratification close to Rio de la Plata mouth.

I tried with undefined SFLX_CORR, in that case I get the fresh water plume in the oceanic region, but salinity in regions where Rio the la Plata has no effect get values unrealisticly high (e.g. 36-37 close to the coast)

So, I tried by changing the correction parameter CST in the get_sss.F file
SSSFLX_model ~ SSS*(E-P) + CST * (SSS_model - SSS)

As that parameter value is the same as dqdSST applied in Qcorrection, I changed where it sets the scale factor to convert input dQdSST from Watts/m2/Celsius to meter/second:

if defined SFLX_CORR && !defined QCORRECTION



I changed it with:

if defined SFLX_CORR && !defined QCORRECTION



After 6 month of simulation with the new parameter, I can see only difference of about 0.4 in salinity values in the area I am suppose to get the water plume. So I am not sure I am making the change in the right place.

Is there some other way to change dqdt values only for the salinty field?
Or, does anyone have another idea about how to solve my issue?

Many thanks for any help!