Runtime error

I’m new using CROCO.I have an error in the process of running.
CHECKDIMS ERROR: inconsistent size of dimension ‘eta_u’: 137 (must be 136).
My crocotool param is:
xi_u = 70
eta_u = 137
xi_v = 71
eta_v = 136
xi_rho = 71
eta_rho = 137
xi_psi = 70
eta_psi = 136
one = 1
two = 2
four = 4
bath = 1
I modified BENGUELA_L in parade.m, but I don’t know how to modify other oppions. Is there anyone who can help me? Thank you.

Hi, please post your param.h

the values there should be xi_psi -1 and eta_psi - 1

Think for your reply. This is my para.m, but I do not find xi_psi -1 and eta_psi - 1param.h


In param.h, you have actually to change LLm0 and MMm0. They correspond to the number of interior points (domain without boundaries). It means xi_rho -2 and eta_rho - 2


Thank you for your opinion.

In my grid file,eta_u ?= eta_v, eta_v is one less than eta_u.I thought maybe that had something to do with it?