Question about data assimilation


Is it possible to run interanual croco simulations with data assimilation (like roms 4dvar)?,
Or at least to nudge the model sst to satellite data (e.g OSTIA)?


There is no 4DVAR for CROCO but a 3DVAR is under development. In the mean time, nudging is of course possible. For SST, #undef BULK_FLUX leads to #define QCORRECTION which corrects surface heat flux with SST nudging. For interior nudging to T,S you can use #define ROBUST_DIAG, which will nudge to what is put in tclm and sclm arrays.

Thanks for the quick answer,
I understand… Is there a way of to nudge the model SST while keeping the BULK_FLUX formulation?

you could #define QCORRECTION at the same time as BULK_FLUX but you would have to modify get_vbc.F (set_vbc routine) where the nudging is conditional on BULK_FLUX not being defined. But keep in mind that BULK_FLUX already has some form of nudging to atmospheric temperature data.

We are many waiting for the 3DVAR update! it would be great to have such code :slight_smile: