PISCES blow-up after switching from TPXO7 to TPXO9.5

Hi All,

My CROCO-PISCES model (km-scale, 20 layers) is blowing up since I switched my tidal forcing from TPXO7 to TPXO9.5. The motivation to switch between them is the apparent errors in M2 tides from TPXO7 in my domain.

The issue is resolved temporarily if I do any of the following:

  1. Switch off rivers (undef PSOURCE_FILE)


  1. Switch off BGC (undef BIOLOGY)
    Neither of these options are of any use, as the objective is to have a fully functioning BGC model with rivers inputs.

I tried the following which did NOT work:
a. Use 15 tidal constituents instead of 8 (Ntides=15, instead of 8, in param.h)
b. undef BIO_HADV_WENO5
c. undef POT_TIDES

Does anyone have experience of this, and if so, do you have any advice?
I’m considering spreading my rivers over more points (time consuming), or changing the shape of the rivers’ vertical profiles.

Thanks for reading