PISCES and river tracers

Hi everyone!

I am trying to run CROCO with PISCES and several rivers. I use the psource netcdf file for discharge and tracer concentrations (cpp flags: PSOURCE PSOURCE_NCFILE PSOURCE_NCFILE_TS).

I have defined po4_src_time and PO4_src in the psource file and for now the value for all sources at all times is 2.6 umol P L-1. Surprisingly the PO4 concentration in the domain is growing rapidly. The boundary conditions are OK and the concentrations close to the boundary are lower. But in the river channels the PO4 concetration sometimes reaches 70 umol P L-1 and the whole domain about 20 umol P L-1 in the surface level (from the max initial value of 0.3 umol L-1 ).
I enabled the output in get_psource_ts.F and the values for itrc=7 (itrc.eq.iPO4_) are 2.6 as they should be.

Am I getting the units in the psource file wrong?