offline nesting

Hi everyone
I want to make an offline nesting run with croco, does anyone ever done it or have an Idea about how to do it?

My problem is that I am running an interannual run with daily river discharges and I want to diminish (but not eliminate) the salinity damping that the model has to climatological values (and is by defect the same as the one applied to temperature).

in my cpp file I have defined:


define SFLX_CORR

So I changed the get_vbc.F file in the part it refers to dqdt for salinity, I divided it by some number. When doing so, in a nested configuration, the model either blows up (if discharges are located in the water), or it just does not see discharges (if they are located in the mask).

So I made a test running only one grid and I have not problem, I can diminish salinity damping …so I think there is some inconsistency generated somewhere when I modify the defect damping values and run a nested configuration (I do not know why, because my discharges points are located far from any frontier point).

That is why I want to use the result of a parent model as boundary condition for a child configuration but running only one grid at a time.

If someone could give me a hand about how to do it I would be really grateful