Octave for preprocessing with crocotools

Hi All,

Does anyone knows what version of GNU/Octave works with crocotools?

I have seen in another post that the OctCDF package is needed in order to use CROCO_TOOLS with Octave. I tried to install it on Octave 5.2 (Ubuntu 20.04) but I get errors. Initially it complained about “liboctave-dev” deb package, but after I installed it, it gave me another error:
conftest.cc:1:10: fatal error: octave/config.h: No such file or directory
1 | #include <octave/config.h>

Thank you for any help

Hi Konstantinos,

Yes, you need OctCDF. but it is no longer available for the “last” versions of Octave.

What I do is I use Octave v.4.0.0 and in that “old” Octave I can install/compile OctCDF v1.1.10

This is the configuration you can find in the LiveCROCO, for example.

Thank you for the reply Andres.