Nf_fwrite error


I am working on a series of ensemble runs using Croco. I got this Error for 2 cases:

NF_FWRITE ERROR: nf_put_vara netCDF
error code = -60 mynode = 127

WRT_HIS ERROR while writing variable

‘vbar’ into history file.
Time record: 7 netCDF error code -60 mynode = 127

And this is my setting for writing history file:


        T      21600    10

I am a little confused here. I got other cases running OK. The only difference between the problematic cases and the other cases is the initial condition (built from different dates). Does anyone have any clue about what could lead to this error? And what is netCDF error code -60?

Thank you!

Have you found any solution to this error? facing same issue. If you could solve please post an update here.
Thanks you


Unfortunately, I haven’t. I can only let the model running by not writing historical output (I set NWRT to a huge number). The model is running, but I cannot read the variable vbar in restart files, but the other variable, including v, looks OK. PLZ keep me posted if you figured out anything.

Any solution to this error? I am also facing this issue.