MUSTANG model - climatology

Can I run the MUSTANG model under climatology conditions? If it’s possible, what steps should I take?
I’ve attempted to run a scenario under climatology conditions activating MUSTANG and keeping the files in MUSTANG_NAMELIST/*.txt identical to those in the VILAINE scenario, but I encountered the following message:

“TOOL_ORIGINDATE ERROR: Could not find any origin date in time var units. Time variable should follow the NetCDF CF format: ‘seconds(days) since YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss’.”


The previous error appears to be a configuration error in the input netCDF files, where some attributes are missing because I created these netCDF files with CROCO version 1.1, although I see that even CROCO version 1.3.1 doesn’t output these attributes by default.

However, I reached this conclusion by comparing the input files from the VILAINE case with my input files. This message doesn’t appear as frequently now, but it still pops up occasionally, even though the model is reading more information.

I have a question: Does the MUSTANG module only work with boundary input files of the type and not with type boundaries?
I’ve attached the croco.log file.
croco_log.txt (23.5 KB)

I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.