Missing croco_hindcast.in


We are using CROCO-v2.0.0 and during the installation process we get this message

(base) sbahamondez@aysen:~/CROCO/croco-v2.0.0$ ./create_config.bash
oce-dev is defined. all-in architecture and no external codes considered

Your choices :

  • CROCO_DIR : /home/sbahamondez/CROCO/croco-v2.0.0
  • TOOLS_DIR : /home/sbahamondez/CROCO/croco-v2.0.0/…/croco_tools-v2.0.0/
  • CONFIG_HOME_DIR : /home/sbahamondez/CROCO/croco-v2.0.0/
  • CONFIG_WORK_DIR : /home/sbahamondez/CROCO/croco-v2.0.0/
  • CONFIG_NAME : Run2
  • OPTIONS : oce-dev xios test_cases agrif inter forc pisces sediment mustang oanalysis prepro
    Do you want to proceed ? [Y/n] y
    Creating configuration …

Copy CROCO useful scripts and input files

cp: cannot stat ‘/home/sbahamondez/CROCO/croco-v2.0.0/OCEAN/croco_hindcast.in’: No such file or directory

In fact, the croco_hindcast.in file is no longer in the OCEAN directory.

Is this .in still being used?

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Hello. Have you resolved the problem? I had exactly the same issue


For what I’ve read is not an important error. Seems CROCO v2.0.0 is not longer using this file, so the solution would be to comment line 333 in the create_config.bash script