Is it possible to have 2 child grids in the same run?

I am having some issues when trying to use agrif with 2 child grids.
I am running a 2 way nested configuration and I want to add a second child, inside the first child but with greater resolution; and using the first child outputs as bry for my second child.

Is there a way to do it in the same run (parent, firt and second child together?)? or should I take the outputs from the first nesting and using them as input for mi second nesting, in that case i only could use the one way nesting right?

Many many thanks!

Hi Camilla,

Yes of course it is possible: -)
You will have 3 grid, with increasing resolution, embedded from parent to child1 then child1 to child2.

You can use the nestgui to create you child1 and child2 embedded grid.
Then you will have to create the init and surface forcing for the 2 child grid (child1=> .nc.1 and child2 .nc.2)
You will have also the and and file correctly define. It is done using the nestgui.
It is described there


Hi Gildas! many thanks for your response! I did the nesting without problem. My only issue now is that I have 2 child grids and the second child is located close to the coast with a grid resolution of 1/36 so the coastal zone becomes relatively important, but when creating the child 1 and 2 the coast resolution does not change. I mean my .grd files has the exact same coast in father and child grids, and so I think model is not properly resolving there. Is there a way to improve coast resolution in .grd child files?