Interannual with ERA5 fails due to missing


I am trying to run an interannual simulation with ERA5 atmospheric data. When I am trying to use the bulk formula by specifying:
“makefrc = 0” and “makeblk = 1” in the crocotools_param.m all the “croco_blk_ERA5_*.nc” files are generated normally.
and I also set
FORCING_FILES=0 in the “run_croco_inter.bash”
But when I execute: “run_croco_inter.bash”
I get an error: “READ_INP ERROR: Cannot find input file ‘’.”

I assume that should not be required if the bulk option is selected?

Also when I try to create and use forcing from ERA5 data instead of bulk by choosing:
“makefrc = 1” and “makeblk = 0” in the crocotools_param.m
the “make_ERA5.m” script still creates only the bulk files and not forcing ones… e.g:
“” instead of “”

So trying to run the simulation ends up in the same error missing the as above…

Thank you for any help.

Hi, does your model have tides?

If so, the tidal info is expected in the FRC file.

Thank you for the reply Andres,
No, I have #undef TIDES in the cppdef.h file and also “add_tides = 0;” in the “crocotools_param.m” file during preprocessing…

It turns out that the reason the model was asking for the “” file was the setting in the cppdefs.h file under the advanced settings for regional configuration where the default setting for BULK_FLUX was turned off. So it needs to be # define BULK_FLUX.

Also after correcting this setting, the model was giving a similar error, this time missing the “” file. Again in the cppdefs.h file under the advanced settings the CLIMATOLOGY was on and it needed to be # undef CLIMATOLOGY.

These settings are buried under the advanced settings of the cppdefs.h file and it would be nice to be mentioned in the online manual since they are crucial to be set for each type of atmospheric forcing e.g. bulk/forcing/climatology.