Implementation of MUSTANG module in CROCO 1.1 on Linux server: Best Approach?

Hello everyone,

I have the 1.1 version of CROCO installed on a Linux server, and I’m interested in implementing the MUSTANG module. Would it suffice to simply copy the module folder into the base directory, or do I need to reinstall the entire model?

Any guidance or insights on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


The MUSTANG module is not available in CROCO 1.1.
It is available from version 1.2.

It’s not enough to copy the module folder into the base directory, there is code modification in other directories.

To use MUSTANG, I advise you to upgrade to a CROCO version where it is available.


Thanks for the previous answer, now when installing the model I get this problem:

I’m encountering an error while compiling the ‘jobcomp’ file. It seems to be causing some issues, and I’m not sure how to resolve them. The error message I’m receiving is:
cpp -traditional -DLinux -P -I/opt/ohpc/NetCDF/4.3.2/include -ICROCOFILES/AGRIF_INC partit.F > partit._.f
/usr/lib64/mpich-3.2/bin/mpif90 -c -O2 -mcmodel=medium -fdefault-real-8 -fdefault-double-8 -std=legacy partit._.f -o partit.o

  •            if (size .gt. 8*max_buff_size) then                     *
  •                           1*

Error: Arithmetic overflow at (1)

  • &              'available:',   8*max_buff_size, 'Bytes.',*

Additionally, I’d like to mention that my netCDF output is:
*This netCDF 4.3.2 has been built with the following features: *

  • –cc → gcc*

  • –cflags → -I/opt/ohpc/NetCDF/4.3.2/include -I/opt/ohpc/HDF5/1.8.18/include -I/opt/ohpc/zlib/1.2.11/include -I/opt/ohpc/NetCDF/4.3.2/include*

  • –libs → -L/opt/ohpc/NetCDF/4.3.2/lib -lnetcdf*

  • –has-c++ → no*

  • –cxx → *

  • –has-c++4 → no*

  • –cxx4 → *

  • –fc → gfortran*

  • –fflags → -I/opt/ohpc/NetCDF/4.3.2/include*

  • –flibs → -L/opt/ohpc/NetCDF/4.3.2/lib -lnetcdff -L*

Has anyone else encountered similar errors while compiling ‘jobcomp’? Any insights or suggestions on how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue, taking into account the netCDF output format, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

which version model you are using. can you upload the partit.F file .
without MUSTANG its able to compile?
Today itself, I have tested v1.3.1 with MUSTANG there have been no issues yet during compilation. gcc/8.3.0 as well as ifort or mpiifort.
Have a good day.

Hi, thanks for your answer

I am using version 1.3.1, which I downloaded yesterday from the CROCO website.
This is the partit.F file:
partit.F (33.4 KB)

For now I am compiling it without MUSTANG with the default cppdefs file that has the model in OCEAN.
I am following these steps on Linux:
Taking into account that I already have gfortran and netcdf installed (version 1.1 runs with this)

  1. I download the and files and unzip them.
  2. I run ./create_config.bash (changing the necessary paths)
  3. Inside the Run folder I execute ./jobcomp (changing the necessary paths)
    The cppdefs.h that is used is the one that is created by default in this Run folder which does NOT have MUSTANG defined
    And in this step where the error appears…


NO issues encountered during compilation.
check the compile.log file.
which compiler you using. check the compiler version.
can you try this command: sysctl net.core.rmem_max
what you get please post here.
and my suggestion update your OS as well dependencies.
compile_mustang_2024.txt (82.3 KB)

check your netcdf library using make check
or re-install

I have used this script long back. check its working or not. (i am not sure)

download latest CROCO and test it.
git clone --branch master croco-ocean / croco · GitLab
Have a good day.

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