How to start a nested simulation, mid-month?

I am trying to run a short, few days, interannual simulation with nested grids (AGRIF) starting at a specific date inside a month.

I tried to use the key “USE_CALENDAR” but it only works on a single grid, when I use it together with AGRIF it fails to compile (AGRIF compiles fine if I don’t use the USE_CALENDAR key).

Then I thought to use the Dmin, e.g. Dmin = 15; % Day of initialization option in the croco_toolsparam.m. But it makes no difference in the input file. It is identical if I use Dmin =1 or 15 or any other date…
So, I don’t understand what is the purpose of the Dmin?

So, how can I start a nested (interannual data) simulation in the middle of a month?


If you set Dmin = 15 and then you do make_OGCM_mercator, that will create a INI file for that specific date.

You can then use nestgui to create the INI file for the nested domain. Both files will have the same starting date.