How to change forcing to daily data in Climatological simulation

I just started learning to use Croco,I want to use Croco to simulate the Kuroshio extension,but I do see an extension of the Kuroshio moving north.I use the make_forcing.m,make_ini.m,make_bry.m files to create initial fields as well as boundary and forcing fields,I interpolated and files and replaced the data in them with other data sets, but my frc file uses the default COADS05 data. I suspect that the northward shift of the Kuroshio extension is the reason for the forcing field, so I want to replace the forcing field with a higher frequency(daily). Would you please ask me how to replace the high-frequency forcing field?

Of course, it may not be the reason. If you know the reason, can you give me some suggestions?
Thank you very much!