How can i change the wind stress module in CROCO-WRF coupling

Hello,I’m working on a WRF-CROCO coupling experiment. Good results have been obtained in previous only croco simulation experiments. But during the coupling experiment, I found that the wind stress obtained by CROCO was significantly weaker, although the 10m wind in the WRF mode was stronger than the wind field I used in my only croco experiment. Therefore, I would like to know if there are relevant files that can modify this coefficient so that the conversion of wind stress is close to that of only croco run.

Normally the wind stress seen by CROCO should be that of WRF. Can you give the CROCO version your are using? and can you send your namcouple?

Thanks for your reply. The croco I use is version v1.3.1, and I use the bulk calculation of COARE3p0 in only croco. I have noticed that WRF provides wind stress parameters in the OASIS exchange, but the parameterization process of WRF seems to be limited. I’m not sure if there is a calculation equation similar to COARE3p0 that can be replaced.
namcouple.txt (11.8 KB)

In coupled mode, indeed, the wind stress and fluxes computed in WRF are given to CROCO. It is important to use WRF momentum and heat fluxes for consistency at the air-sea interface. Moreover WRF is supposed to have a “better” bulk in some way as it properly computes the stability functions in the atmosphere. You can check the parameterization you use in WRF (i.e. the surface layer scheme, but it can be COARE).