Hi users,
I try to create forcing file for my test_case but unfortunately ICOADS donot present any data for my domain. so I have faced empty folder when running make forcing commend. Thus, we should use other product like ECMWF.However, I am not able to make forcing with ECMWF products. I find a source codes named Aforc_ECMWF on crooco site but I can not use it. Can you suggest me how to use this codes to make forcing?
or other solution to use ECMWF product rather than ICOADS?

Thank you so much for your cooperation.


An option is to create the FRC file by hand, and then fill the values of the variables with data you have. For example, here I just adapted the file create_forcing.m. You would need to create the file, and then open it again and fill the values. For this see the tutorial in this link

I’ve attached the adaptation