Handling of tides on interannual run

Hi there,

Just wondering what is best practice when using tides for an interannual run. In theory, the tides are included in croco_frc.nc, but if the tides are initialised at the beginning of a long interannual run, should the tides not be reinitialised once per year? If using bulk forcing, the interannual bash script isn’t cycling through croco_frc.nc with a fresh tidal initialisation each month.

All comments would be appreciated.

This is a good point. Because of nodal corrections, the tides have to be recalculated at least once a year. I think the interannual bash script (run_croco_inter.bash) cycles through croco_frc.nc as well as croco_blk.nc, but there should be no problem adding the tides to the bulk forcing file. I think the idea originally was to save storage space by not adding the tides to all the monthly files, but I think we should rethink this strategy if the confusion is too much (and also recalculating the nodal corrections each month is not necessarily redundant)…

I add the tides to the yearly bulk files and then use the same filename for the forcing file and the bulk file in the roms.in. I haven’t tested this properly yet, but the model runs and at least the first impression looking at the results seems OK.