Error with make_tides

Hi, I’m new to using CROCO!

I was preparing tides input for my interannual REGIONAL case from January to February 2005 using ERA5 and Mercator.
When I run the “make_tides” command, I got this error message below:

Warning: Closing open netCDF file handles.

In make_tides (line 33)
Start date for nodal correction : 1-Jan-2005
Reading CROCO grid parameters …
Tidal components : M2 S2 N2 K2 K1 O1 P1 Q1 Mf Mm
Processing tide : 1 of 10
Getting ssh_r for time index 1
Getting ssh_i for time index 1
In an assignment A(:slight_smile: = B, the number of elements in A and B must be the same.

Error in ncvar/subsasgn (line 295)
temp(:slight_smile: = other;

Error in netcdf/subsasgn (line 83)
result = subsasgn(v, s, other);

Error in make_tides (line 134)

Could you please help me solve it?
Thank you.

for some reason the add_tides option is commented out in make_ERA5. Could you try doing make_forcing before make_tides?

Hi, it does work now by running the make_forcing, followed by make_tides and make_ERA5 as well.

Thank you.