Error in model with tides: Define OBC_M3ORLANSKI or OBC_M2ORLANSKI?

I am having problems when I force my model with tides, because I have an blow up on the East boundary of my model. By default the model comes with OBC_M3ORLANSKI defined; as a test I activated OBC_M2ORLANSKI. With these two CPP options defined the model runs relatively well.

When activating OBC_M2ORLANSKI, is the tide “turn off,” and is that why the model doesn’t blow up?
My model covers the Gulf of Mexico, I have not considered river discharges yet. Can OBC_M3ORLANSKI and OBC_M2ORLANSKI work together or only one needs to be defined?

Thanks for your attention. Please let me know your opinion.

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Can you provide *.log , cppdefs.h and crocotools_param .
with this “My model covers the Gulf of Mexico” .
its help me to troubleshoot your problem.
which application you want use our CROCO ?
Have you ever used .
and same time your make_OGCM_mercator problem is not solved yet ?
Files · dev_newcopernicus · croco-ocean / croco_tools · GitLab
download dev_newcopernicus and test it.
our says that you want to CPL the TIDE+WAVE .
If i really find a bug in OBC_M2 and M3. i will raise issues in in CROCO-dev.
to solve your problem.
and start.m to exit in matlab command in my mail address. i have received your mail.
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Hi Subhadeep, best regards.

I certainly have many small problems to solve, but I want to go in parts.
As for downloading data from mercator, I can’t do it yet, but I have already installed the Copernicus Marine Toolbox on my pc; with which I could create the “cmt_1.0” environment, as I show below the result of “copernicusmarine --version”:

(cmt_1.0) ctorresm@pcctorres:/media/ctorresm/Data$ copernicusmarine --version
copernicusmarine, version 1.0.4

However, I do not know how to define the path to the copernicusmarine executable (pathCMC) in crocotools_param.m at section 7. Could you give me an example please. I don’t think the path to the executable is to say where is “copernicusmarine_env.yml”.

Thanks for your attention and I will be attentive to your answer.


Hi, cesar90.

I used the pip option for install copernicusmarine, the comand is:

python -m pip install copernicusmarine

When it finiches it makes a executable in the directory


I put this directory as my pathCMC and works.
I hope this helps you.

hi laloloza,

Thank you for your support.