Error in make_CFSR


I am currently using CORCO_tool v1.3.1. I want to create a forcing file using make_CFSR, but I haven’t pre-downloaded the NCEP data. So, my idea is to first download the data myself from NCAR RDA Dataset ds093.0, and then interpolate the data based on the source code in make_CFSR.m. The data I downloaded is divided into small nc files every five days, but in the source code in L144, each month is treated as one data file:

nc=netcdf([NCEP_dir,'Temperature_height_above_ground_Y',num2str(Y),'M',num2str(M),'.nc']);   % L144

However, more critically, I don’t know what L146 represents for time and whether dt is 6 or 0.25? The dt for the files I downloaded is 6 hours.

NCEP_time=nc{'time'}(:);    % L146
dt=mean(gradient(NCEP_time));   % L148

In L189, the code for creating the forcing file is provided. What confuses me is why only sms has time? All other times are 0?

create_forcing(frcname,grdname,CROCO_title,time,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0)   % L189

So, for the above issues, I think possible solutions could be:

  1. Solve the above problems (but new issues might arise).
  2. Provide me with any arbitrary interannual forcing file, and I can use it to understand the structure of the interannual forcing file and then complete the interpolation work on my own. My email is

Thank you for your help!