ERROR in get_bry: cannot read variable ‘bry_time’ in final step

Dear All,

I am using recent release croco_tools-v2.0.0 to make boundary condition due to Copernicus motu client is no more longer to use.

I am able to download data and to make it on our grid by using make_OGCM_mercator.m. Model was running good but in the last of first month I am getting error like below:

7170041 26693.98785 1.296290127E-02 2.1021968E+01 2.1034931E+01 1.4468930E+14 0
7170042 26693.98958 1.295977042E-02 2.1021997E+01 2.1034956E+01 1.4468998E+14 0
7170043 26693.99132 1.295693490E-02 2.1022025E+01 2.1034982E+01 1.4469066E+14 0
7170044 26693.99306 1.295436299E-02 2.1022053E+01 2.1035008E+01 1.4469134E+14 0
7170045 26693.99479 1.295207527E-02 2.1022082E+01 2.1035034E+01 1.4469201E+14 0
7170046 26693.99653 1.295004056E-02 2.1022109E+01 2.1035059E+01 1.4469269E+14 0
7170047 26693.99826 1.294827896E-02 2.1022137E+01 2.1035085E+01 1.4469336E+14 0
ERROR in get_bry: cannot read variable ‘bry_time’

MAIN - number of records written into history file(s): 408
number of records written into restart file(s): 420
number of records written into averages file(s): 5
number of records written into diags_t file(s): 0

    number of records written into avg diag_t  file(s):    5

ERROR: Abnormal termination: netCDF INPUT

The model is able to write average files as defined frequency but in the last step it shows this error.

Can any one help me to overcome with this problem?

Many thanks!


I’m using an older version of CROCO, but usually when I see this error, it means that one of the model input files does not have sufficient data for the model run period you specified. Perhaps you can double check if your input files have enough data up until the end date, or even longer.