Error in coupling CROCO - WW3

Dear friends,

I am working on the coupling of CROCO with WW3. To do so, I am first trying to run the Benguela coupled test case; I am following the methodology exposed in the last CROCO summer course >>

Each model I have run separately successfully. For the coupling, I have configured my switch considering:
F90 NOGRB TRKNC NC4 DIST MPI PR3 UQ FLX0 LN1 ST4 STAB0 NL1 BT4 DB1 MLIM TR0 BS0 BS0 IC0 IS0 REF1 XX0 WNT0 WNX1 RWND CRT0 CRX1 COU OASIS OASOCM O0 O1 O2 O2 O2a O2b O2c O3 O4 O5 O6 O7; also in cppdefs I have defined OW_COUPLING and MRL_WCI.

I have checked the dates of the input files for both CROCO and WW3, although they have different formats (hours and days), and different start and end dates, they all cover the month of January 2005.
When running the model in cluster, I am getting the following error:

You can access the run files I am using at the link below. The error is save in the file “job_1226.out”. Does anyone have any idea what the cause of the error is?

Please let me know if additional information is needed.

Thank you for your support and kind attention.


Hi Cesar, it seems from some log files that the coupling is not really activated in both models : e.g.

  • in nout.000000 : I see only wwatch as coupled models at the end of the file : (oasis_init_comp) COUPLED models 1 wwatch T
  • in log.ww : it seems that coupling is not activated, as I do not see any section about coupling fields after the section about output fields. Generally you have a section named " Coupling output fields :" after the section " Gridded output fields".

But it also seems that you have done different runs in this same directory (several job_XXX.out), so maybe all logs are not consistent with each other, and it is difficult to really assess what is the problem. I suggest to create a new clean run directory and put there only your trial of coupled run. Please also add the cppdefs.h and param.h from croco compilation, as well as the switch file for WW3.

Hi Swen. Thank you for your reply.

Finally, I was able to run the Benguela coupled case. Apparently I had a error in the WW3 auxiliary programs; by compiling WW3 again with OASIS, I generated the auxiliary programs and the WW3 input files with which I was able to run the case.


Hi Swen,

Now, I am trying to run the coupled models using CROCO TOOLBOXS. I have carefully checked the directories to each of the executable programs. In “rundir” I can see that the provided scripts compiled CROCO and fill the *.base files of both CROCO and WW3, but do not run the WW3 auxiliary programs (e.g. ww3_grid, ww3_prnc…).

Checking “wav_getrst.txt” I find the following error:

************* get WAVE RESTART files *****************

WW3 pre-processing before run:
mpirun -n 1 ww3_grid &> grid.out
ERROR when running ww3_grid, mod_def.ww3 does not exist

I think that in “”, I am not defining correctly:


My machine is Linux, so I have in the directory SCRIPTS_TOOLBOX/MACHINE adapted “myenv.Linux” according to the compiler I use (ifort); consequently, I have tried with:

export SERIAL_LAUNCH_WAV="$mpirun -n 1 "

but when doing this, the program does not even start running, so after “./” I get the message: “./mynamelist.tmp: line 357: mpirun: unbound variable”.

In my case, how should I define “MPI_LAUNCH_CMD” and “export SERIAL_LAUNCH_WAV” ??

Thank you very much for your attention and help.


Is this problem solved? -n to -np ?
let me know. I am free. I want to see it closely.
We are together!

Hi Smaishal,

Thank you for your support.
I have seen your suggestions that you sent me by mail.
I already had an idea to change -n to -np in “”. I made those changes and ran the model from the run directory (rundir), but it didn’t work. I wanted to try again to run the model via “./”, but as I mentioned before, the model does not start.
In “” what should I define in ?

can you send me your CPL problem in my mail :).

send your CPL problem with some log. as I expected?
do you want to, I need to reproduce your problem in my system?
I really want that in the Virtual Box.

Thank you for sending your files.
your error is this write:
************* get WAVE RESTART files *****************

WW3 pre-processing before run:
mpirun -np 1 ww3_grid &> grid.out
ERROR when running ww3_grid, mod_def.ww3 does not exist