Does anyone use DDT for debugging CROCO?

I have problems to launch a croco run in MPI with ddt on calculator DATARMOR:
it seems that DDT detects that MPI is demanded, but cannot detect which implementation.
Other error message is :
symbol lookup error : undefined symbol : mpi_sgi_inplace

If someone has an idea, thanks !


Hello again,

I think I find the way to launch a CROCO run with ddt. There was an irrelevant load of mpt library in the batch that I was using in order to launch croco with ddt.
I really don’t know if that can help anybody, but if somebody try to use that debugger in the framework of DATARMOR calculator, I leave below an example of a batch that is working for me.



#PBS -q mpi_1
#PBS -l mem=100gb
#PBS -l ddtlic=28
#PBS -l walltime=00:30:00

# modify mpi_NN, walltime,mpiprocs,memory

# cd to the directory you submitted your job

# load the libraries
source /usr/share/Modules/3.2.10/init/csh
module purge
module load NETCDF/  
module load ddt
module list

# submit job
echo "submit MPI job with  $NETCDF_MODULE "
setenv mpiproc `cat $PBS_NODEFILE  | wc -l`
echo Number of MPI cpus : $mpiproc
ddt --connect $MPI_LAUNCH ./croco >& croco.out