Documentation for configuring a realistic coastal CROCO-PISCES scenario with river nutrients


I am trying to create a realistic coastal scenario with CROCO and PISCES
that includes nutrients and organic material input from a river. I tried
to find an example either from the documentation or the training courses
such as the BENGUELA with rivers and biogeochemistry but I couldn’t.

Is there any documentation with example files on how to use some of the input sources also
mentioned in the namelist_pisces_ref:

parameters for inputs deposition
ln_dust = .true. ! boolean for dust input from the atmosphere
ln_river = .false. ! boolean for river input of nutrients
ln_ndepo = .false. ! boolean for atmospheric deposition of N
ln_ironsed = .true. ! boolean for Fe input from sediments
sedfeinput = 2E-9 ! Coastal release of Iron

How do you configure such inputs?

An example case e.g. BENGUELA + Rivers with nutrients + PISCES would be very helpful.