CROCO_WW3 coupling. "ncwa: ERROR file ./ not found"

Hi CROCO friends,

I have the following error when trying to compile croco and ww3. To generate the OASIS restart I use a WW3 simulation that I have previously generated. I define it in “” as follows:

Files to create oasis restart (leave empty if none). File need to be in *FILES_DIR. Default 1st time step
export oce_rst_file=“”

export atm_rst_file=“”

export wav_rst_file=“”

I have saved the error message in a *.txt which I attach error CROCO_WW3 coupling.txt. I understand that the code tries to process the variables previously simulated by WW3, to create the initial conditions of OASIS. However, looks like the code is looking for a “”. Part of the error message reads as follows:

“ERROR file ./ not found. It does not exist on the local filesystem, nor does it match remote filename patterns (e.g., http://foo or”

The only clue I have about the error is somehow described in “”. I’m not sure about who generates the “”.

I appreciate any suggestions or explanations to help me solve this error.

Best regards,

Hi, this file is created by the OASIS_SCRIPT/ script, see line 151 in the


for this you need the file, I think

Thank you to raise this issue. There is a correction that needs to be done in the scripts because of the new WW3 version. The SCRIPTS_TOOLBOX/OASIS_SCRIPTS/ has to be updated for the new WW3 version in which Hs variable for ocean model in OASIS is named : WW3__OHS instead of WW3___HS. This will be corrected in the next release. In the meantime, you can correct it in your script directly. This should solve your issue.