CROCO v1.3 runtime error with sediment element of PISCES v2 activated

Hi there,

I have switched to CROCO v1.3 to keep up to date. In the process, I’m exploring PISCESv2 (I had v1 in CROCO v1.1 and 1.2.1).

The first time I ran with key_sediment defined, I had to extend the namelist_sediment file with an additional block:
&nam_output ! parameters for outputing the sediment module
ldefsedpis_avg = .false. ! write averaged output variables
cn_sedwri_out = “” ! name of the input restart file name of the sediment module
nrpfsedpis_avg = 0 ! number of records per file
nwrtsedpis_avg = 24 ! frequency of writing of averaged outputs
ntssedpis_avg = 1 ! number of timesteps before writing starts?

I have explained why in the gitlab page with an issue I logged at issue croco-ocean/croco#110

However, now that I have this completed, I’m getting an error after the first nrtsedpis_avg elapses.

The error is as follows:

24  8401.05000 7.4384338E+00 2.3381503E-01 4.7492902E-01 1.2971599E+01  0
  DEF_WRI_SED - Created new netCDF file ''.

NF_FWRITE ERROR: illegal grid type 16

SED_WRI ERROR while writing variable ‘SedBSi’ into output file.
Time record: 1 netCDF error code 1
SED_WRI – wrote output fields into time record = 1 / 1

I am surprised that I’m getting this error, as I have ldefsedpis_avg set to .false.

It would be good to know how to resolve this. Also, it would be great to be able to avail of this option (writing out sediment BGC fields) by turning the option to .true.

Thanks for reading

Hi Joe,

Have you been able to resolve this and use the sediment option in PISCES?


The issue with this is that XIOS needs to be used when you add the sediment writing option. I have not needed to use XIOS thus far. I may explore it further soon.