CROCO in a docker container?


Has anyone developed a docker container already?

I am developing one, just in case it is useful

The instructions are here

and the docker image

Hi Andres,

I ran CROCO in a docker container but my aim was to store the image in gitlab container registry to use it in gitlab-CI so my Dockerfile is simpler as I did not need to download CROCO source code (already known in the gitlab repository).
The main stuff is just fortran with mpi and netcdf. I just have issue using NC4PAR cppkeys (parallel netcdf is not install with this Dockerfile)

Here is the Dockerfile I use :

Thanks for your version !

Thanks a lot for your comment, I was not aware of Gitlab-CI. I am aiming to the deployment of CROCO in web instances such as Azure or AWS.

It is a good idea to use a lightweight Linux distribution. An important restriction is the use of version of Octave that allows the OctCDF module, in order to use CROCO_TOOLS.

I noticed that you don’t install libnetcdf-dev. For my my UBUNTU:16.04 Dockerfile it is needed to compile coco. The model runs and all is well, but the output files are not saved in the container, need to fix this.