I’m wondering if any work has been done to make CROCO compatible with FABM?

Best regards

Hi Joe,

I looked into this few weeks ago and discussed with the CROCO developers. It hasn’t been done, and when I tried to start it myself I realised that it is not so straight forward as I was hoping since CROCO has diverted from ROMS to a significant degree and many functions in the source code have been reorganised.
So it is a bit of work but as I said to the developers I am willing to contribute if other people are interested and we have the support of the developers.

I know the developers of ROMS-FABM for Rutgers-ROMS and could arrange a meeting to assess the workload.

This is great opportunity. Yes, I am interested in participating in such a meeting, and I hope someone from the CROCO developers can participate in this meeting too.