Compile and run CROCO with PISCES

Dear CROCO users,

We are looking to simulate an existing regional configuration of CROCO with PISCES enabled. We are having trouble getting the code to run on our HPC system. The physics only simulation runs just fine, and we can compile the code with biology (specifically PISCES) on, but when we run it we get the following attached error message no matter what we try. We have boundary and initial conditions complete with BGC tracers. We have generated them with our own code as well as with the code made available via crocotools (Very cool suite BTW!), but no luck.

It would be helpful to have an example of a successful initial and boundary condition for any simulation anywhere with BGC availalble so we can make the attributes consistent with what the model expects. Furthermore, we are concerned that PISCES may have other forcing requirements (namely a climatology file?) that we have not yet implemented. Is this the case? Finally, with biology on -the code only compiled in parallel and success in compilation depends on the tiling arrangement. We were hoping to be a able to run the code in serial mode with debugging on to achieve potential clarity in the error messages, but were not successful in doing this.

I am attaching our log output from both the job schedulers (slurm) as well as from the croco code so you can see the errors we are getting. Any advice would be helpful.