Clarification of pressure units: ONLINE and interp offline

Hi there,

I’m trying to establish once and for all how to have pressure defined in:
(i) the formatted ERA5 files to be handled in ONLINE interpolation,
(ii) the interpolated ERA5 files to be read if ONLINE is undefined (

I understand that the units are millibar for ONLINE defined, and Pa otherwise.

Is this correct?

Also, I noticed in online_bulk_var.F that the name of the pressure variable is only included in the AROME section of the if statement. Therefore, I had to copy the short block relating to READ_PATM down to the ECMWF if statement to be able to consider pressure. This is something that I see needs correction on the main gitlab repository perhaps?



The units are both in Pa for ONLINE mode and classic mode.
In get_bulk.F you see that the pressure must be in Pa (if READ_PATM is activated)

For online_bulk_var.F you are right. It should be added to the ECMWF section too.