calculation of sea level

Greetings to all; I am currently trying to perform a simulation with CROCO in the Colombian Caribbean, including atmospheric information from GFS and oceanic information from the NCOM model, from NCOM I extract currents, salinity, temperature and sea level, as far as I understand the sea level data from NCOM already include tidal information (compare the data with a tide gauge station and the result can be seen in figure 1), therefore, I chose not to add tidal information to the FRC file (atmosphere file).

image description

Figure 1.

For this reason I use ‘undef Tides’. The model successfully completes the simulation, but when comparing the model output Z variable with the station data and even with the NCOM values entered into the model, an exaggerated variation is presented (Figure 2).

image description

Figure 2.

It would be very useful for me to know points of view on this matter and how to avoid this behavior. Is it possible to adjust some parameter inside the modeling files or would it be pertinent to filter the NCOM information previously to make the modeling?

Thank you very much in advance. I remain attentive to any suggestion or recommendation.