Hi, I’m trying to run a case with agrif and river and sediment. But I get this error:
IF (Agrif_Fixed().GE.Agrif_lev_sedim)
Error: El símbolo ‘agrif_lev_sedim’ en (1) no tiene tipo IMPLICIT
In the param.h file you can define this parameter, but I don’t know what it means.
Does anyone know what it means?

Hi, is this a compilation error? What version of the code are you using?

Hi Andres,
Yes, is a compilation error. The version is CROCO 1.1.

Hi Agrif_lev_sedim is actually defined in param.h around line 470as:

# if defined BBL && defined AGRIF
         integer Agrif_lev_sedim
         parameter (Agrif_lev_sedim=0)  
# endif

so I assume you don’t have BBL defined. I was done this way assuming SEDIMENT would be used in conjonction with BBL, to have a better resolution of the bottom boundary layer. If you really don’t want to use BBL just replace this piece of code by :

# if defined AGRIF
        integer Agrif_lev_sedim
        parameter (Agrif_lev_sedim=0)  
# endif

Yes that fixes the problem
Thank you so much.