Abnormal blow up

Hi! All,
I met the following problem when I run croco for the configuration of the East China Sea. I have applied Sponge for the boundary conditions, however, it seems that it still blow up at the east boundary.
I have attached the cppdef.h croco_inter.in file, and param.h files. Can anybody help?
Thanks a lot in advance,
Bei param.hcroco_inter.in(/upfiles/16621156294938285.h)

Hi, can you upload the croco.in that is in the SCRATCH directory? And the .out file?

What is the cu_max value?

Hi! Andres,
Thank you so much for your kind reply. I have used croco_inter.in as the input file, and please see in attachment.
the Cu_max is 0.52 which did not exceed one.
Look forward to hearing your thoughts,
Beiimage descriptioncroco_inter.in

Decrease the time step by half to see if it becomes stable. Cu_max less than 0.8 is a recommendation not a guarantee of stability. What is your grid size?

Thanks a lot for your help! Andres,
I have decreased dt from only 900s to 800s, and now it is running ok.
My grid size is 21631330