Abnormal blow up

Hello CROCO Users,

I am setting up a configuration for the coastal region of mediterranean sea with CROCO. Upon using the thrifty crocotools box, I manage to see up my model domain etc. However, I notice my initial condition files were filled with NaN values.

Thinking this might be a one off issue that might to be relevant, I set up my croco.in file and other pre-processing files. On running the model, I was greeted with a flat error!

       0     0.00000 0.000000000E+00           NaN           NaN 9.0658100E+13  0

 =                                     =
 =   STEP2D:   ABNORMAL JOB END        =
 =                 BLOW UP             =
 =                                     =

  VMAX (M/S) =   NaN
  IMAX JMAX  =    35     9
  IINT IEXT  =     1     1

I assume the error is either in my initial condition which has the NaN values (as the Vmax calculated by the model during runtime shows NaN) or my timestep/configuration in croco.in is wrong.

I will be glad if I can be pointed to ways to solve this issue. Thanks

image descriptioncroco.in(/upfiles/16533218033242173.in)