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2020-09-09 11:20:44 +0200 commented question NF_FWRITE ERROR

Unfortunately, I haven't. I can only let the model running by not writing historical output (I set NWRT to a huge number

2020-09-07 03:20:23 +0200 asked a question NF_FWRITE ERROR

NF_FWRITE ERROR Hi, I am working on a series of ensemble runs using Croco. I got this Error for 2 cases´╝Ü NF_FWRITE

2020-03-06 04:49:22 +0200 asked a question ERROR with NRPFHIS = 1

ERROR with NRPFHIS = 1 Hi, I am new to this model, so sorry if I am asking something obvious. I am trying to write hi