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Box model for handling of flows in course, km-scale models

Hi All,

This is a very high-level question, but I'm wondering specifically whether anyone has coded offline, or in the gitlab environment, the addition of some sort of box-model capability for handling freshwater inputs into estuaries and bays to accurately model temperature and salinity in the river plume that enters a coarser model domain?

I found from a brief web search that CMCC have developed a box model that is compatible with NEMO, see here:

I am interested in this aspect, mainly because the crocotools scripts for river runoff from Dai and Trenberth attributes river temperature and salinity with WOA monthly climatology values on the shelf. In realistic non-climatology runs, this will always lead to inaccurate attribution of T/S from rivers as so much mixing takes place where the river meets the ocean.

I have high resolution (daily) flow data from all rivers entering my model domain, and I also have monthly temperature data. I could assume a salinity of zero but this is not appropriate or a reflection of reality when the river is presented as a point on the coastal shelf.

This point equally applies to nutrient inputs from large rivers, which may be assimilated for growth during favourable conditions in estuaries, bays and harbours.

It could be great to get feedback from this post and any advice in relation to handling of real river data.