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adding runoff tracers

Hi all, (question from a newby...)

Let's say in my model I have three different rivers, with three different Qbar (m3/s) and I want to add a tracer runoff in each river. Let's name my tracer TRAC1.

Usually it's easy to have daily river flows so qbar_time is the same for all rivers, and thus I can dimension qbar(n_qbar, qbar_time) in my file. (same as in the given default file I think) On the contrary the concentrations of TRAC1 depend on measurements that would probably have been collected at different times so I cannot dimension my variable ccTRAC1(n_ccTRAC1, ccTRAC1_time).

How can I define my TRAC1 concentrations taken at different timesteps in different rivers ? Do I have to define a new time dimension in the file for each tracer AND each river ? (this may result in files with numerous dimensions in case of many tracers)

Thanks a lot for your help,